BabeNail Gel Nail Polish 20 Colors 23 Pcs Set Soak Off Gel Polish Spring Neon Color

  • Great Variety of Colors: A wide selection of colours to choose from 20 different colours including bright neon colours and sweet macroon pastel colours, two glitter gels to match all your nail design.
  • Soak off UV/LED Gel Nail Polish: Gel Nail Polish requires to be cured under UV or LED light. With our Base Coat and Top Coat, BabeNail Gel Nail Polish can last you at least 3 weeks.
  • Gift for Her: BabeNail Gel Nail polish comes in beautiful gift box, suitable for every occasion and holiday,such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. Glam and glitter nail designs can be freely finished with our vibrant color gels.
  • Top Coat & Base Coat Included: This Color Gel Kit comes with 1 Glossy Top Coat, 1 Matte Top Coat & 1 Base Coat. Saves you the trouble and money to buy separate top coat and base coat. With additional matte top coat you are free to create more nail arts.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 20 X Mini Gel Colors (5ml./each bottle) + 3 x No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat ( 7.5ml./ each bottle). Great products & sincere after-sale service to better your experience of using BabeNail.

Step 1: Apply BabeNail Base coat, and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds. (Cure times vary per lighting system.)
Step 2: Apply BabeNail color in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds. (Cure times vary per lighting system.)
Step 3: Apply second coat, then cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes, LED light for 30-60 seconds. (Cure times vary per lighting system.) Apply third coat if needed.
Step 4: Apply BabeNail No Wipe Top coat and cure under UV lamp for 2 mins, LED light for 30-60 seconds. (Cure times vary per lighting system.)

1. Trim and shape the nails, push back the cuticles gently.
2. File nail surface slightly, then buff a bit.
3. Wipe down the nails with gel cleanser or remover.
4. Use BabeNail PH Bond to dehydrate your nails, and BabeNail Acid-free primer for stronger adhesion to make Gel Polish last for 1 month and logner.
Beware: It's important to ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free before applying any gel nail polish. Otherwise the gel nail polish would chip or peel easily in a short time.

1. File off the top coat gently.
2. Soak cotton pad with acetone, then wrap around each nail tightly with tin foil, and leave it for around 10-15 mins.
3. Use a cuticle stick or a cuticle pushier to remove softened gel gently.
4. Clean and wash nails and then apply nail cuticle to nail (skin), massage a bit till it's absorbed.
Beware: DO NOT over file down to the nail plate or scrap off polish with a sharp tool. DO NOT just soak gel nails with acetone.